I’m a research assistant!

I just returned from a meeting with one of my professors which left me beaming the whole walk home. This is because I have been approved for a position working with her as a research assistant. I am super excited and grateful for the opportunity! Basically, she will be mentoring me to write, or possibly co-write, a paper about fairy tales and media, with the goal of having it published or presenting it at a conference. There are a couple other classes I am in where we are encouraged to submit our work to journals or for conferences, so we will see what happens in the end!

Considering we are rooting the research in women & gender studies, and that I am planning on studying disability in grad school, we narrowed down my topic to be disability representation in fairy tales. She said that not a lot of work has been done on this topic, so it’s exciting that I might get to be at the forefront of academic study on the subject!

She armed me with a list of books, articles and scholars to check out for background research and to familiarize myself with what has already been done. I immediately picked up all the books from the library and am so eager to start reading that I can barely focus on all the other assignments I have due this upcoming week! But yeah, hopefully after some reading, I’ll have a better idea of what specifically I’d like to study and write about.

It’s also really wild to me that I’m only in my third year of university and I have opportunities like this! I think a large part of this is thanks to being at a relatively small university. I’m not certain something like this would have been so easy to come by were I still at U of M.

And did I mention this a paid position? That’s pretty cool too.

Honestly, I am so excited! I feel like I can’t express it enough. I’m heading down a path that I’m super passionate about and it’s so cool to be starting my journey to becoming a published academic, and to be working with a professor that has such extensive knowledge on fairy tales and is fun to work with too. I mean, her office is full of books about women & gender studies, fairy tales, and pictures of cats, so I think we will get along pretty well. She also teaches two of the classes I am in right now, so it’s nice that we are already familiar with each other.

I will definitely post some more updates once I’m a little further along on this project and kind of know where I’m headed!

I’m also writing a paper for one of her classes on the tv show Once Upon a Time (which I’ve def been obsessed with for the last few years), where I am going to do a character study of Emma Swan, and explore whether she really is a feminist figure or if she falls somewhere along the lines of conventional Disney princess/strong-independent-female-cliché. Also very excited about this!

yeah, so, as I said to my mom when this position first came to my attention: this is what dreams are made of. (hahaaha).


anyways, back to studying I guess!!

thanks for enduring my overly enthusiastic rambling

& all the best,

JC. ♥




3 thoughts on “I’m a research assistant!

  1. Dear Jen,
    As soon as you started a blog I got so excited because I’ve always loved reading what you write – and you are so good at it. But I’ll be honest and say that it wasn’t until today when you posted this one, that I realized I hadn’t read any of them yet. Not out of forgetfulness, but I suspect because I see it on the Facebook feed and then suddenly I’m tap dancing 30 seconds later. This seems to happen a lot.
    But today. I read them. I read them all in sucession and had many real life facial expressions of joy, anticipation and I almost teared up a little. But just a little.
    You are a very, very inspiring person. And part of me feels it’s weird to say I’m proud of you, because that seems to be a gesture reserved for parents and grandmas, but I am. Proud that I know you and you are my friend and that you are so happy and that your honesty and genuine disposition are here, in words and in your experiences and on your Instagram and everywhere.
    Your joy is such a widespread gift. Keep sharing 🙂
    Love. Always. Always. Always.


    1. Awh Meg!!! Don’t mind me just crying over here…. Thank you thank you for your kind words!!! I miss you and your energy and your abundance of smiles and optimism. I love seeing what you’re up to and I hope we can see each other soon. This message meant so much to me so thank you. I’ve been trying to be as genuine as possible and I am glad it is showing. Love you and miss you girl!!!!! ❤❤❤ so glad to have you in my life!


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