wrapping up third year + looking ahead!


i’ve been gone. but i’m here. and i’m officially done third year! as of, like a week ago, but yeah! it’s pretty bittersweet, honestly, because i don’t want my university experience to be over. it feels like it’s just picking up. that’s probably partially why i want to go to grad school – i love being in university!

so yeah, some highlights from this academic year are

  • changing majors and pursuing women’s and gender studies
  • getting to be a research assistant!
  • working as a writing tutor
  • getting into the honours program
  • being recognized for academic achievement in the previous year
  • diving into new territory and loving it (re feminist art!!!)
  • getting published both with our own writing centre blog and others at different universities!
  • building connections, community & getting more involved on campus
  • confidence boosting seminar presentations!
  • presenting my artwork at the WGS/Disability Studies Feminist Colloquium
  • getting a job with one of my profs to create/promote her art studio as a feminist space for art, community building etc on campus! (stoked about this!)
  • figuring out where my research interests really lay/finding new and exciting ideas to explore

and idk! i’ve learned a ton this year, not just about topics in class, but about myself as a person, and i’ve grown so much and i’ve really seen my thought process transform and it’s exciting. and at times exhausting, but so rewarding. i also feel like i know what i’m about and where i’m headed, but at the same time, i don’t have any super concrete plans, but have learned to be okay with that because i’m super happy with where i’m at right now, and if i keep making intuitive choices, i’m sure i’ll end up where i want to be.

that being said, my academic goals, and interests, have shifted a bit, so i may not end up doing my MA in disability studies! but i will still definitely be working with disability issues…but maybe through a cultural studies program or something similar!


so yeah – looking ahead! things i’m excited for this summer:

  • concert roadtrips (seeing Vance Joy, Passenger…possibly July Talk again and many others if we can make it work!!)
  • camping trips with Sky!!
  • seeing my fam
  • second round of sending my chapbook to contests/publishers (fingers crossed!!)
  • getting caught up on course credits
  • having a full-time job!
  • having time to read (hopefully) (also – send me your book recs!!!)
  • planning re the art studio!
  • lazy days by the lake
  • reunions with friends
  • dresses and sandals and not wearing layers
  • pursuing creative endeavors (currently in the brainstorming process for my next project!)
  • more time for snappin photos!
  • spontaneous weekend expeditions
  • saving & planning for a new tattoo
  • ice cream 24/7

and so many cool things to follow in the fall so yeah!


things are good. hope they are with you too!


jc. ♥


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