J E N N I F E R  C O L L E E N

I am a 20 year old woman living in Canada, with my girlfriend, our two guinea pigs and our cat, Luce! I am currently studying women’s & gender studies, with the goal of pursuing at least an MA in disability studies. I am chronically ill (type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, chronic migraines, psychogenic seizures) and have a strong passion for activism in many forms, but especially lgbtq+ rights, disability rights, feminism and environmental issues. I am slowly transforming my lifestyle to be as sustainable and cruelty-free as possible. I like being outside, under the wide open sky, and exploring new places with my girlfriend, Sky. I have a love for animals, photography, all things literature, music, and napping on Sunday afternoons. I’m doing my best to live a life of honesty, integrity and authenticity.

I am terrible at describing myself, but hopefully this quick intro and the accompanying images give you a general idea of who I am!

I’m going to try & post at least once a week on Mondays or Fridays, so check back for new posts on those days!

I look forward to hearing from you.

catch me on other social media platforms:

instagram: @jcnsy_

twitter: @jcnsy

tumblr: jcnsy.tumblr.com