rethinking the hustle

Lately, I've been trying to prioritize my mental and physical well-being, because I know, returning to my office job for the summer is going to be draining. I'm not made for sitting at a desk for 8 hours and doing the same repetitive tasks all week (but hey, I filled my phone with philosophy, culture, … Continue reading rethinking the hustle

wrapping up third year + looking ahead!

hi! i've been gone. but i'm here. and i'm officially done third year! as of, like a week ago, but yeah! it's pretty bittersweet, honestly, because i don't want my university experience to be over. it feels like it's just picking up. that's probably partially why i want to go to grad school - i … Continue reading wrapping up third year + looking ahead!

(in)visible illness

    ARTIST'S STATEMENT: Taking inspiration from Jo Spence’s self-representative photography collection, Narratives of Disease (cw: nudity), I wanted to provide insight to my relationship to and with chronic illness using both photography and my body as materials to present my lived experience. Through these photographs, I illustrate six specific themes or emotions that are most … Continue reading (in)visible illness

art & illness

There are several artists I've paid special attention to in one of my (arts-based learning) classes. I feel like Karolyn Gehrig needs to be mentioned, along with her #HospitalGlam project, because the idea behind it, of making invisible illness visible, has been something I've wanted to work with for a long time. Here is more … Continue reading art & illness

why i took a break from social media 

After taking a much needed break from in Instagram in November and December, I decided to write a follow up post to this one, where I talked about social media + authenticity. As with everything, I struggle with anxiety and overthinking things that are seemingly as simple as social media. So I'm going to write … Continue reading why i took a break from social media 

12 Things 2017 Taught Me

2017 was a wild year. Although it was tumultuous and often anxiety inducing on a global scale, good things still came of it.  Personally, as usual, it was a year of many highs and lows, but overall, it was pretty great! There is too much to say about it! I moved in with Sky, got … Continue reading 12 Things 2017 Taught Me

I survived first term!

and now that my final projects are handed in (a day early even!) I'm back to blogging since school has taken priority for the last few weeks! after writing for the last few weeks non-stop I don't know why I'm choosing my first day off to do this post, but here I am!!! anyway- this … Continue reading I survived first term!

we do not always look like the heroes you want us to be

I know I said I'd write a post on epilepsy awareness. But this has been pressing on me, so it is taking precedence. Firstly - after having tried to edit this for coherence, I am going to state this: This may read more like a diary entry, of scattered, unorganized thought. But. There have been … Continue reading we do not always look like the heroes you want us to be

Diabetes Awareness Month: Part 2

The great debate: Is diabetes a disability? Every document, or theory about disability, that I've ever read mentions diabetes as a disability, as kind of a "hey, bet you didn't know this is a disability too!" way, after listing what our common perception of disabilities are. However, in reality, it apparently isn't so straightforward. At … Continue reading Diabetes Awareness Month: Part 2