revival chapbook

revival, in short, could be considered a queer, feminist, and crip coming of age story. revival touches on the most basic of human emotions, with honesty and vulnerability, and asks the questions we are afraid to ask ourselves, but most of all, afraid to ask others. It grapples with the inevitable experience of fear and uncertainty, of stumbling into new territory with little to hold onto, except one’s own intuition. It explores the process of learning what it means to let go, to fall, to fail, to collectively rearrange every aspect of one’s identity, and to find the strength to reveal it to the world.

revival tends to process – the process of learning, growth, questioning, and changing. It explores the turning points that spur each revelation, that power us forward, despite doubt, and at times, aimless intentions and a very limited supply of hope. It asks where do we go from here? and provides an answer – we just keep going, with little hope, overwhelming doubt, and the knowledge that we are lost, but maybe we won’t always be.
revival takes the reader through the broken love story I have traveled, a love story to myself, for myself, to my experience, to my body, to the people and forces in my life that have shaped me, and challenged me to transform myself and the world I walk through. It is my attempt, to take up the delicate task of threading a needle through brittle, tear-stained, and triumphant pages. It is my attempt to mend and re-imagine what brokenness is and means, and eventually becomes.

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